Our DolceVita lined pool is the largest in East Lincolnshire and can comfortably cater for all sizes of dog including giant breeds.


We use a state of the art Tudor aqua treadmill. The glass sides allow us to assess each patient, monitor their joint movement, control their exercise and build up an effective rehabilitation programme.

The water is heated to between 28-30 degrees which relieves pain, increases circulation, relaxes muscles and aids comfort. The water level is altered to target specific joint(s) and the speed varied to achieve the correct gait pattern for the patient. A strict water testing and treatment regime is followed three times a day, chlorine is used to sanitize the water.

Bilsby Canine Hydrotherapy clients have access to the latest in canine hydrotherapy equipment in the form of a Tudor Underwater Treadmill.  It is a state of the art treadmill with built in software that can monitor, save and chart a patients progress over each session.

The water treadmill plays a particularly important role in post-operative rehabilitation for dogs with orthopaedic and spinal conditions, allowing for early intervention and quicker recovery times in some patients.
It is also beneficial in the treatment of soft tissue injuries and early stage degenerative conditions. Particularly positive results with treadmill therapy are also seen in dogs with hip and elbow dysplasia, osteoarthritis and patella luxation.

In being able to alter both the depth of the water in the treadmill and the speed of the treadmill, extra resistance can be provided to further promote the use of limbs and speed up the process of rebuilding muscle mass. Often a combination of pool and treadmill therapy can be enormously beneficial.


We are starting to stock a few items now.  AquaSorb Towels  –  Dehydrated treats  –  Slow Feeding Bowls  –  Harnesses

If you would like to talk about any of these items then please contact us.

Exercise Field

Working along with our sister company Bilsby Dog Field, we can arrange for time in the enclosed 3/4 acre field to exercise your dog.  Please contact them for more information on 07932 827408 or bilsbydogfield@gmail.com, or on their Facebook page BilsbyDogField